I'm Kristen

Jesus, wifey, momma

I first picked up a camera in high school, that led to a hobby while I lived abroad, that led to a career when I moved home and one happy girl here. (Whole other story for another day) But! 5 years and 100+ weddings in and I haven't looked back. I'm all about weddings - the moment when the groom has all the nerves in the world waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle, the bride squealing as she gets ready to go see her man, the "oh my gosh!" looks exchanged at the alter right after the kiss - love it.

This is my sweet family

My husband and I have been married for 6+ years, and welcomed our sweet baby boy two years ago, with another one coming soon! What a dream it is to build this life with my love - day in and day out he makes me a better person, better photographer, better mom. I ask him weekly if we can get married again just so I can put my dress back on and celebrate again. (In case you're wondering, he says no every time but a girl can still hope!)

I never intended to do this full time

My degree is actually in psychology and public health! I had every intention to live in Africa or Southeast Asia working on prevention programs for malaria and HIV/AIDS. Until I started dating my sweet husband and God had other plans for us. But, isn't that the amazing thing about life?! It may not go how we expect it to, but there's something really exciting about the possibilities. I'm thankful every day I get to photograph wonderful families, couples and weddings - although it wasn't what I expected, and I probably won't be doing it forever, for right now I'm all for it.

Will travel for brownies

Love languages can be food, right?! Kidding. Sort of. I'm just your average Enneagram 9 (peacemaker whatuppppp!), dark chocolate brownie road trip loving girl that's always up for an adventure, a walk along the beach, or a safari. (Honestly, if you haven't been to Africa and gone on a safari move it to the top of your to-do list, like now. AMAZING. I'll bring the brownies and the plethora of Friends quotes to keep us entertained while we wait for an elephant to walk by. )

My Philosophy

every couple is different, which means every moment is too.

I'm the photographer for the couple or family that lives in the moment. The ones that are up for prompts, like "sneak up and hug her from behind" and "everyone tickle little Jimmy!". I search for in between moments, the after effects of a whisper in her ear and kisses on her cheek. The one who will tell you what to do, but also let you live in the moment as you are.

So, as you search - seek out the photographer that meshes with you - the one whose photos you'll be proud to display on your walls.

If that's me, let's chat!

“Let all you do be done in Love”

Sarah & Colton

“Not only did she capture the most amazing photos of our day, but she made the experience flow so smoothly. I was amazed at how well she directed the family photos after the ceremony.

I'm so thankful for her hard work. She sent me over a few photos that day to post on social media, which I felt was above and beyond. Kristen worked diligently on editing our photos and they turned out absolutely gorgeous.

If you’re thinking about booking Kristen for your wedding, DO IT!!!”

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