Pricing Basics for the inquiring mind

Pricing is always a big question mark in the planning of life's events. How much will it cost? Is the benefits I receive worth the price? What's my budget?

All valid questions. My advice? Pick a photographer whose style you love. One you trust to capture your life, your event, your family in the way you'd proudly display that artwork on the walls of your home. If I'm not your girl, that's okay! I know I won't be that person for everyone. But, if it is my style you love and my photos make you excited to have your own shoot, AMAZING!! Let's do this. I'd love to learn about who you are and capture your life well.


MY FAVORITE of life's moments. This is the day that
changes your life forever in the best way. From her
smile to his first glance of her, it's wonderfully
joyful and I love it.

Starting from $2200


Proposals - Engagements - Life after marriage.
It's all worth capturing, right?!

Starting from $275


Families change so fast. The kids grow up in what feels like forever
but looks like an instant. Photographs are the best way to document
life as it happens.

Starting from $275