My husband, Eli, and I like to consider ourselves still newlyweds. Honestly, I actually hope to have that mindset for our entire life. There's a certain beauty that comes in newness. You learn the ins and outs of how to live alongside each other, the raw and unhindered habits you both hold and the smelly breath you each have as you smile every morning you wake up next to your best friend. It's a happiness we know comes in ebbs and flows based on life's circumstances. We also know, however, that love is a choice. We get to choose each morning to wake up and say good morning, to sit at dinner together and ask how our days went, to kiss goodnight.

In the card somewhere of every wedding I attend I write something along the lines of how I hope they remember the joy they have on that day, the happiest day of their life, and let that joy carry them through life with their spouse. To me, photographs are a perfect way to freeze these simple moments in time in order to look back and remember. I love that.

So here we are, sharing stories of what God is doing, both in our lives and in those we get to do life with. Eli and I are creating a wonderful life for ourselves while learning to support each other through life's ups and downs. This blog gets to be the real, unwashed version of our marriage and the lives of those we meet along the way. The joys and pitfalls, lessons learned and experiences had. We hope you enjoy!