Today marks one of the most pivotal days in history.

Good Friday, crucifixion day.

Imagine this:

It’s 2,000 years ago. No phones, no technology. You’re wandering the streets and you hear commotion. Curious, you walk towards it to see what’s happening. You see a man dressed in a purple robe, thorns pressed on to his head. His hair is greased with blood as it drips down his face. You make eye contact. You wonder what he did for him to be in this position. The compassion in his eyes makes you think it can’t be something this bad.

So, you start asking around. You ask one person in the crowd, then another. Each one tells you he claims to be the Christ. The One who was to come and save the world. You’ve heard of this man! He’s been around your town performing miracles. You saw him in the Temple once. His charisma and teachings were unlike anything you’ve ever heard. You believed him. He made you think long and hard about God and your life. You wonder how he ended up in this situation if he was supposed to save the world?

You’re in it now. Your curiosity has given over to devotion and you decide you’re going to watch this until the end.

The crowd starts chanting, “crucify him!” Do you join in? What you heard him speak in the Temple, is that nullified now? Untrue?

Pilate washes his hands of Jesus; says he is innocent of Jesus’ blood. Those around you in the crowd chant louder, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” You stand there, wondering what to do.

The decision has been made. He’s mocked. He’s given his cross. You watch from the city as he’s led up the hill, hoisted up on his cross and hung. You wait. He’s given something to drink, you wait some more. Then, darkness. You hear a loud voice, is that Jesus?

The curtain in the Temple is torn in two. The earth shakes. Rocks are split. Earthquake? Do we have those here? This must be Jesus. Was he the Son of God like he said he was?

Ah, indeed. In 3 days you’ll see. Just wait.