Not every photographer is your ideal photographer for your wedding.

Some may think that's odd, but it's true. I'll be the first to tell you that I don't match everyone's preferences. So! The question is, how do you find YOUR photographer? The one that's ideal for your and your boo. The one that you trust entirely to capture your day with your vision in mind. Because let's be honest, your day is your story being told.

It's your love story, your vision for your day, your memories that will be captured.

My top 3 tips to finding your perfect match? Here we go!

1. Love their style

Every photographer is different. Yes, we all know how to work the settings on the camera, give directions to a couple, etc. BUT, we're all different. The types of photos we take are different, the editing style we use, the poses we tell you to move through - they're all unique to each photographer's style. Some are dark and moody photos, some light and airy. Some will have you run through the woods while others are the sit on the gorgeous couch type. No style or approach is worse than another, just different. So, KNOW your photographer's style and LOVE it. Choose your photographer because you love what you've seen them create. If you don't like what you see in 90% of their photos from their editing style on Instagram, don't expect they'll completely change it for you just because you booked them. Choose them for what you've already seen them do and try to imagine yourself in the same scenarios.

2. Trust them

It's hard to put your vision in someone else's hands. I totally get it. You only get married once, and there are no re-do's of your day. You don't get to walk down the aisle a second time or kiss again when the officiant announces you husband and wife. You don't get to put the cork back on the champagne and pop it again, or enter your reception venue to cheers once more. Your day is full of firsts and onlys, which means you have to have the utmost trust in your photographer to show up and capture those moments. If you can't trust them to capture those moments, walk away.

Trust Part II

Not only do you have to trust they'll capture your biggest moments, but you also have to trust their vision. More than likely, your photographer has been to countless more weddings than you. With that, we take the pressure off of you! We get to come up with the poses, the prompts and locations. TRUST that your photographer will make your wedding day photo dreams come to life and let us be the creative we are. If you are continually trying to tell your photographer what poses they need to do because you're afraid they won't get what you want captured, you don't trust them and they might not be your best fit. A photographer's past work will show you the types of photos you can expect, easily.

3. Comfort

Not every photographer is going to be your best friend. But! They might be. Goals, right? Either way, there's a very good change you will gel with one over another. Are you witty and love sarcasm? There's a photographer out there that's most likely the same. Are you quiet and reserved, not really a fan of running through the fields? There's a photographer out there that won't make you do that. Vice versa, are you all about hiking a mountain for the grand adventure photo? There's a photographer that will go with you. Find someone you're comfortable with, so that when you throw out an idea or they give you directions and prompts, you fully trust them. If you see a whole Instagram feed full of candid photos, where the guy throws the girl over his back or the girl is running and jumping into his arms but you despise such affection, you might not be extremely comfortable when that photographer suggests something of the sort for fun.

Surprise tip: Don't be afraid to ask to see more.

Instagram and Facebook are the highlight reels. Everyone knows it, whether you're a photographer or not. The feeds are curated to perfection showcasing the best of the best of life. Don't be afraid to ask to see a full gallery from a wedding. Scroll through the blogs or the albums and see what the whole day looks like. Do you like what the whole day looks like, or just the one photo you saw on Instagram?

Every wedding is different and every scenario different so your photos won't look exactly like that of another's, but you can get a good idea of what to expect from your photographer on your wedding day based on what you've seen them do. Love your photographer for the person they are, the creative they are, and the vision they have. There's one out there for you, I promise.